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We aim to nurture a culture which values, recognises and rewards excellent performance

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Career Development

In today's business environment, management and leadership development is essential, and it is often tough to achieve. All organisations need to ensure a succession of motivated employees capable of progressing up the organisational ladder. It is becoming increasingly important that organisations have a diverse and highly-skilled workforce to meet increasing business and organisational needs on a global basis.

AGMF is implementing a range of talent management initiatives to address this. We strive to improve management and leadership capabilities from within and create opportunities for those employees who strive to reach their potential through professional and personal growth. This means providing inspiring and effective leadership, open, transparent communication and excellent learning and development opportunities.

We aim to nurture a culture which values, recognises and rewards excellent performance, where people's individual objectives are aligned to AGMF's goals and to developing their own personal abilities. As part of the performance management process, managers are responsible for working with each member of their respective teams to agree Personal Development Plans, tailored to meet the individual's skill needs and aspirations.

Feedback and coaching

Continuous feedback and coaching is encouraged. Regular meetings between managers and employees, which include an annual performance review, provide the opportunity to discuss work objectives and progress towards them, to plan further personal development that may be required to achieve current expectations, and longer-term career goals. Passion, commitment, and the recognition of talent are what drive our business. AGMF builds on these strengths by offering a challenging and rewarding working environment for its present and future leaders.