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Our Values.

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Our corporate vision

To be the top metal casting factory in the middle east by 2015 and the biggest in the world by 2020 - is supported by a set of corporate values, encapsulated in three words: providing, protecting and advancing.


Our extensive metal casting operation in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, provides excellent career opportunities for Saudi as well as expatriates. As the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's industrial flagship, our company provides a major diversification to the local economy, contributing to Saudi Arabia's continued growth and development.

Our high quality cast iron and steel alloy products are used extensively across diverse industrial sectors, ranging from Cement and Crusher- where our company is renowned for producing the highest quality grinding media balls, hammers, jawplates; through the transport, construction and industrial sectors; to the automotive industry - where AGMF is the Saudi Arabia's number one supplier of alloy products.

Across the spectrum, AGMF products and activities help improve living standards and quality of life for people all over the middle east.


At AGMF, we pursue our operations ever mindful of the need to protect the environment, as well as the health and safety of our employees and the community. As a corporate citizen, we respect the need to preserve precious natural resources, especially air and water.

Without exception, the management of AGMF puts the safety and security of people and the land at the forefront of all decision-making. We endeavour to act responsibly and admirably to protect the environment by providing a safe, secure work environment, minimising harmful emissions, and adopting a 'reduce, reuse, recycle' mentality in all our activities.


AGMF, as a company, is committed to using in-house technology to perfect our processes and thereby produce the world's best quality cast products. Extensive laboratory research and experimentation enables us to continuously identify new mechanisms, and ways of doing things, giving our company a competitive edge that rivals the best in the industry. Additionally, we are dedicated to achieving our corporate vision to rank among the top metal casting foundary in the middle east by 2015.