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Community Involvement

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Community Involvement

Charitable donations

AGMF is wholly committed to supporting worthy and charitable activities in the community. Ad hoc donations are therefore made to schools and charitable organizations, to assist in their fund-raising efforts or to help fund specific requirements.

Mechanisms are also available for employees to contribute financially (or in kind) to relief efforts benefiting communities affected by natural disasters.

Our community involvement efforts are focused on four main areas of activity:


AGMF contributes both directly and indirectly to the local economy, the latter through the inevitable ripple effects created by employment (by way of disposable income and individual career growth) and purchasing of goods and services from local suppliers. We also support programmes that actively develop the Saudi Arabia's national human resources, thereby contributing to the government's Saudization ambitions. This includes encouraging our highly educated and well-skilled employees to share their knowledge and expertise with tertiary students. In addition, ad hoc support is provided to distressed communities across the globe, that are affected by natural disasters.


Aiming to facilitate the socio-economic development of SAudi Arabia AGMF invests financial and human resources to educate the nation. We also engage with community-based organisations that improve the quality of life for disempowered people (orphans, special needs individuals, the elderly and so on), by giving our employees opportunities to participate in outreach and fund-raising activities.


As a responsible corporate citizen, AGMF consciously safeguards the health and safety of all employees, as well as the community surrounding our operations. We also participate in local, regional and international campaigns relating to minimisation of waste (through the 'Reduce, Re-use and Recycle' philosophy), conservation of natural resources, and/or raise awareness of environmental issues.


To develop our people's skills and experience through enhanced understanding of information technology, environment, health, safety, sustainable management and other key areas within the workplace, AGMF hosts informational sessions for employees on a regular basis.