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We nurture a positive environment that is conducive to productivity and maximised personal potential

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Professional Working Environment

AGMF offers attractive remuneration packages, comprising competitive salaries with performance-linked increments and regular bonuses; health insurance; a pension plan; a travel allowance for annual leave and scholarship opportunities for employees to expand their tertiary education. Our company invests heavily in training and development initiatives designed to provide employees with the skills required to perform their tasks effectively while facilitating personal growth.

A tried-and-tested performance management system is in place, whereby individual employees are evaluated against agreed targets. This objective approach facilitates the allocation of incremental increases on merit, and promotion on the basis of ability, talent and attitude.

In addition to measuring performance against objectives, the system ensures that each employee receives regular constructive feedback and that a development plan to enhance technical and leadership competencies is agreed each year.

Training & Development

At AGMF, we take pride in providing extensive learning opportunities for our employees, thereby increasing their knowledge, expertise and professionalism. Our Training and Development Department co-ordinates a broad range of technical and competency development programmes as well as on-the-job training courses.