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Highly Qualified, Experienced and well-skilled people are the foudation of AGMF's success

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Career Opportunities

One of our core objectives is to turn AGMF into the employer of choice for work and productivity, especially for Saudi Nationals. Acknowledging that one of our company's greatest assets is our employees, we placed strong emphasis on the contribution, qualities and skills of people. Accordingly, our Human Resources Department focuses primarily on ensuring the continual availability and enhancement of human skills and capabilities to meet the business challenges at all times. Several major systems and processes are place to support this, notably manpower planning, job description and job evaluation systems; recruitment and succession planning processes; a performance management system; and ongoing skills training and development.

In addition, AGMF's compensation policy and strategies are designed to ensure maximum retention of employees. The competitiveness of this policy is reviewed regularly through participation in formal annual surveys. There is also a performance-based reward system, which benefits all employees.

Other initiatives to retain talent include on-site accommodation for non-supervisory employees, sports/leisure facilities, a CEO Special Recognition award and long-service recognition. Open communication is encouraged via several platforms, including Voice Your Opinion (internal satisfaction survey), and the AGMF Suggestion Scheme.

Commitment to Nationalisation

AGMF's long-term goal is to increase the proportional Saudisation of the company through training, succession planning and professional development. Dynamic career opportunities are offered in diverse areas of expertise, giving Saudi nationals - whether school leavers, diploma-holders or graduates - abundant personal choices across the full employment spectrum.

Expatriate talent

Our aim, across all levels of our company, is to attract, recruit and retain the best talent available. Where appropriate, this entails employing expatriate talent with relevant qualifications, knowledge and experience. At the end of December 2011,10 different nationalities will be represented within our expected 250-strong workforce.


AGMF provides scholarships to eligible students, enabling them to pursue higher education at university level (with preference being given to Saudi Nationals). After completing their studies, students are committed to remain with AGMF for a period of time equivalent to the period of the scholarship received.