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Our Motto

Ensuring “Made in Saudi Arabia” to be a stamp of “QUALITY”. We take pride in being part of Saudi Arabiaʼs growing industry and adding value to its capabilities. We endeavour to ensure that we produce our products to the best quality by using the most modern technology to make Saudi Arabia a mark of quality to be reckoned with.

As a producer of liquid steel and iron from steel and iron scrap, and a manufacturer of value-added ferrous and non ferrous products, AGMF is a member of one of the worldʼs most sustainable industries.

AGMF is a collaboration of Australian and Saudi Investors to bring the best from both the East and the West and offer its clients an alternate to importing from overseas. We want our clients to be as proud as we are of the fact that now products can be manufactured in Saudi Arabia with the best quality available in the world. And we endeavour to take this initiative to offer our clients the best in the market.