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AGMF provides attractive compensation opportunities

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Sharing the Rewards

AGMF provides attractive compensation opportunities. Our philosophy relating to compensation and benefits goes beyond the traditional elements of pay and benefits. We strive to leverage other indirect reward elements, such as providing opportunities to learn and grow, to work in a stimulating and multi-cultural work environment, to switch between functions and countries, and to engage in multi-disciplinary task forces .

What is the Compensation Strategy?

Compensation and benefits are designed to:

  • Motivate managers toward achieving company goals, increasing efficiency and realising growth opportunities

  • Encourage continuous development of skills and competencies needed to help AGMF achieve its desired strategy

  • Retain individuals who consistently perform at expected levels of performance and contribute to the success of the organisation and its changes

  • Signal, through the pay for performance process, the need for improvement to managers who do not perform up to company standards

What are the main design principles?

We are committed to the following underlying principles relating to our reward systems:

  • Providing base plan compensation which is competitive with that of organisations of a similar size, scope and nature, and which is situated at the median of the market

  • Offering total cash compensation that in years with good results can reward our employees with above market bonuses

  • Promoting transparency and internal equity through the Group methodology for evaluating functions

  • Promoting pay for performance